A&D Engineering Responds to Earthquakes and Tsunami in North-Eastern Japan

My heart goes out to our Japanese neighbors this week, as they continue to face unimaginable challenges. The double disasters of the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami — compounded by the still-raging battle against nuclear radiation leakage — have brought unprecedented despair to the people of Japan. I am sure that you share my fervent hope that the greatest crises will soon be behind them, and that they can find the strength needed to begin to heal from this immense tragedy.

I would like to give an update on the situation as it pertains to our company’s affairs:

No ADC employees were lost or injured in the events. The ADC team is heartened by, and sincerely grateful for, the outpouring of concern and support they have seen from friends here and throughout the world.

We do not anticipate any impact on A&D manufacturing operations and product shipment. Despite minor damage to the Kensei factory, they have resumed operations. The resulting intermittent power outage in the vast area of northern Japan, including Kensei, Litra, Tech Center and even our headquarters in Tokyo, has limited impact to the operations at this time.

A&D’s Corporate Giving Program has stepped forward to provide a donation for humanitarian relief in response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A&D is committed to support disaster relief efforts for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. To that end, A&D will provide a corporate donation to the American Red Cross.

Please join me in offering our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.

Teruhisa "Teru" Moriya
President and Chief Executive Officer